Farm design and planning

All, what method do people use while designing their farm. The question i guess is - if you are planting 4 different variety of horticulture crops and each of them have a different planting distance - how do you design optimally so that there is minimal wastage of land.

There are number of parameter are involved like – Area , what type of fruit plant , its height , inter crop , water availability, vegetables and its duration
Then only designing will be done for optimization and for minimal wastage of land
Kumar Khandekar

Thanks KKumar, you have asked all the pertinent questions and assuming that the answers for your questions are available then is the planning done on the basis of experience or is there a software which allows you to plan based on area/contouring of the farm land.

I am assuming you are not going to plant different horticulture crops next to each other (every other row). If this is the case, you will not have difficulties.

If you plant a single variety of horticulture crop, there are square patterns etc. For easy reference, I am giving the website found in the net.

On the other hand, if you plant different types of horti crops, you may need to plan for everything.

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It seems Mr. Padmanabhan gave you a link which will help you a lot , Otherwise in doubt , you may contact me on 9754052961


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