Facilitating Proper Value Chain Development and Actor Empowerment

Event: Facilitating Proper Value Chain Development and Actor Empowerment

Venue: Indepth Research Services, Nairobi, Kenya.

Event Date: 04th - 08th June 2018.



The future of African small-scale producers depends on their ability to play an active and meaningful role in market dynamics. By effectively participating in and influencing the value chains that link them to suppliers, traders and consumers, smallholders will be able to earn more from their crops, livestock and small businesses. This 5 days training Programme equips researchers, rural development practitioners and service providers with the competencies needed to assist small-scale farmers, traders and businesses to strengthen their position in value chains and, by so doing, contribute to economic development and poverty reduction. Overall the workshop consists of a mixture of brief interactive lectures to introduce various concepts, principles and approaches (questions and discussions encouraged during the presentation), plenary exercises, brainstorms, role plays, group work and a 1 day of field work for Value Chain mapping and analysis on a selected value chains located near the training center.

Learning Outcomes
After this course participants will be able to:
• Explain the Value Chain, its concepts, principles and approaches and its role in sustainable economic development
• Explain pro-poor Value Chain Development and Actor Empowerment (VCD&AE)
• Analyze the Value Chain using a variety of tools and steps, identifying constraints and opportunities for innovation
• Identify the steps for building engagement among and between chain actors and between chain actors and chain supporters
• Elaborate the Design an effective chain development strategy and develop the related action plan,
• Set up an effective monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment plan for a VCD&AE process
• Develop or strengthen their role as professional Value Chain Development Trainers, Researchers or Facilitators

Topics to be covered
• Introduction to propoor value chain development
• Value chain mapping and analysis
• Economic sustainability of Value Chains
• Analyzing the market and market development
• Chain Relations and Governance
• Business services and value chain financing
• The Macro environment
• Developing strategies for chain empowerment
• M&E in value chain development.
• Chain learning and Innovation.
• The competencies of market development facilitators and coaches.

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