Experience of agri land in Tamilnadu

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Further to my various threads, I have visited few sites in Thirunelveli dist, specifically area near to Thenkasi whether water and good soil available.  I was also desperately searching for cheap land as widely discussed in this forums.

However the fact is different.

  1. Property price is sharp rise in every where. The so called cheap land available, most of them are un fertile or very tough to access, or non availability of water or pron to wild animal access.

  2. there are several link of brokers are involved. and most of the land banks are collection of several ancestral properties hence large scale legal involvements/.complications in docs.

  3. On road side, easy to access with clear docs land cost min 8-10lac per acere.

  4. The land I have seen which was quoted cheap is very remote and in border to  forest. I will upload photos later. Soil is purely red, but heavy sand contents in soil is visible. in rainy season heavy water flow in the land and hence may most of the top soil /fertile may lost. being close to forest, and in slope, heavy wind, wild bore, deers, and some time wild elephant visit the farm. Do not know how Solar fencing would be help to prevent. So limited crops like Cocount, amla and mango possible. banana cultivation may not be possible. yes ofcource elecrtcicty connection is available but power cut is more than 14 hrs. there are 3 bores and two have some water availibility now,. do not know what would be the situation in summer.

I felt such land may be suitable only for fodder cultivation …etc. but again road access would be a tedious. There is road but can access only in 4WD jeep and also takes min 1-2 hrs to reach the land. Surpriisingly though road is tough the land is flat

My dream to purchase some cheap land and develop farms little bit shattered. I felt we are late to accure land …

One of the most most problem may face is that labour shortage. Tamilandu was one the greatest supplier of labour but now even that Tamilandu is importing labours from orrissa, bengal, but I dont see it will last more than 4-5 yrs. So we need to enusure that the land we procure must be accessable for maximum mechanisation.

with the rising land price, coming days may very tough for new comers to develop farm and sustain. yes if have sufficient back up funds may indulge for our own satisfaction but may not a source of regular income as other business does.

I will upload the snaps for members review later.

rajan mathew

Thanks for sharing your experience. My personal opinion is that rising land price is not necessarily an obstacle for an educated or innovative farmer. You could always purchase a small plot and lease large farms surrounding it.

Successful integrated farmers are routinely making upwards of Rs.1 Lakh / acre annually while average lease rate is only 10% of that amount. What you need is to let go of the notion that you must own all the land on which you farm.

You mentioned threat from elephants. A very effective remedy is to mix cow dung with red chili powder and smear it on the ropes / rope fences of the agricultural fields. Elephants will never come anywhere near. How much will it cost? Virtually nothing.

There are always going to be solutions like these to every problem. You’ll just have to apply your mind or search for the solutions. You’ll likely face hardships and learn through trial and error but that’s no reason to be disheartened. Nothing comes easy in life. All the best.

hello newbie

very very encouraging and motivating. well noted your ideas and suggestions.

thanks million…


Hi newbie,
    really interesting , any such solution for deers and neelgaay ?


Ppb, the cow dung - red chilli paste is a proven tactic for protection against elephants as advocated by foresters and scientists and endorsed by villagers in Kanakapura region in Karnataka that is surrounded by forests.

As to deers / neelgai, I’m not sure. I was looking for solutions to deers as well. In the U.S, urine of predator animals (coyote) is available for spraying on fence that is said to be effective against deers but it’s usually applied by backyard gardeners and large-scale applications appear to be expensive.

I don’t think the elephant solution works for deers but let me check with the person who advised it. I’ll report back in this thread when I find out.


refer the red chillie + cow dung solution. one doubt the pace am talking is near to western ghatt where heavy mansoon takes place. so how such solution would sustain in mansoon???

also pls advise soil with content of sane is evident of erosed soil or fertile with high rich minerals? soil is read and border is hilly forest…

rajan mathew

Rajan, for information on cow dung - red chilli paste, I will contact you separately over personal message.

For soil fertility, I’d suggest getting the soil tested with an agri university and getting advice from them based on the result.

Brother Land with Infrastructure facility i.e. Borewell Fencing etc. one will not give it for lease.In view of the recent hike in Horticulture outputs the Farmers having the above facilities are cultivating them selves.The Lands without Infrastructure facility are giving on lease because of their in ability to create Infrastructure facilities. There is no use of taking such Lands.In view of the increasing Demand of Farm Products , it is suggested to go for Purchase of Land which is Scarce and appeciated and can earn  a minimum of Rs.1 Lakh per Acre/Ann-um. Land is Limited but demand increasing day by day.