Emu Farming - questions and answers


Emu or turkey farming is not viable at all . The problem is Emu and turkey eat feed when ever they see light … They are constantly eating and what ever they eat does not get translated to body weight unlike the broilers which keep feeding and growing in weight . The non- broiler birds are not at all feasible to be reared in a farm . I am even doubtful of goat farms as well . A broiler takes 40 days to reach its desired weight . A turkey takes a year of feeding .


**I see this been a old topic posted before years, I am replying here because someone must not enter in to emu farming. There was a scam a few years before in my home state of tamilnadu. There was a booming lies all over Kongu belt of Tamilnadu in the areas like coimbatore,Tiruppur,Karur,Namakkal,Salem that emu’s are very profitable and it yields farmers monthly up to 50k-1Lac depending on how many sets of emu they buy, They were all promised buy backs and were told there is plenty of demand for emu oil and emu flesh. It all turned out to be a huge scam and farmers invested in lacs of rupees as security deposit to rear two to four emus and were all duped. There were lots of emus roaming on the streets when farmers let them out as they were not feasible or earning a penny by rearing them.

I would like to let my fellow people know that do not grow or rear something that is not native of your land and it will always be a failure !**