Emu Farming - questions and answers

Emu Market will be Mature after 5-10 years and it depend upon how fast the Emu Farmers can create awareness in general Public

Best of Luck for Emu Breeders

I have done a little bit of research myself…Following are my 2 cents based on the brief research…

There are far too many breeders/Hatcheries in the market but the future of the industry is not well defined as far as processing is concerned. Although processing is in a nascent stage, it will take a while. People talk about its meat consumption in India. Let me ask you all how many of you know people who have tasted Emu meat. I don’t know anybody…

emufarming-guide.blogspot.com/ is a fairly comprehensive guide of emu industry’s progress. I talked to this person and he does not do this full time. In other words, emu farming is only a supplemental business proposition at best; it cannot be your mainstay!

My conclusions match yours.Indians are very reluctant to try out new foods and especially when it comes to meat.When they travel abroad too they want indian food(ask all the tour operators). Even if the more adventurous ones taste emu meat, how many are going to eat it regularly or even on special occasions.Even things like duck ,quail and rabbit which have been here for ages are still confined to certain areas.Emu meat for domestic consumption seems like a non starter, even abroad emu meat hasn’t really caught on.It is still a novelty item along with,ostrich meat,crocodile tail etc.
The emu oil seems to be the most attractive and lucrative part of the whole emu economics.

The local market here seems totally driven on the supplying of new farms opening and requiring chicks ,breeding stock etc.So the business is largely(if not totally) dependent on these new entrants.So what happens if there is a slowdown and people start feeling that it is not such a profitable proposition after all? What will happen to all the existing stock?The whole thing could fall down like a pack of cards.

These are some of the doubts I encountered when I looked into this business.I hope I am wrong and somebody from the industry can allay our fears and give us a sound business model.

Emu farming has very good potential for employment generation. Free complete Bankable project report is available with NABARD subsidy facility  . You can visit sites.google.com/site/odishavet/emu for detail.    DR.A.K.KAR

I heard on TV that Emu farming is not successful. Is this true?

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Emu farming is a profitable business.Productive life of emu is more than 25 years & death rate is negligible. Only problem in emu business is marketing . Emu farming is growing rapidly & marketing problem will be definitely solved in coming years. Government of India is providing subsidy both for emu farming & emu processing unit. Whole India is market place for emu. Many emu farmers are successfully using internet marketing method for their business. Let us hope for the best. Dr.A.K.Kar www.odishavet.com

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          I am planning to start an emu farm with 100 birds  of 2-3 months age in 1 acre of land . and i want to know few details about the  1.maintenance cost (for food, and any other like vaccination and etc.,) . and is there anything i  must know before starting the farm??

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Please clarify. What will be the ultimate product of your emu farm? (Emu egg, emu day old chick, emu grower or emu meat & oil production)                 
                                                                            Dr.A.K.KAR  www.odishavet.com[/font][/size]

Here is a series on articles on emu farming: http://livestock-poultry-financing.blogspot.com/search/label/Emu .

Especially, do read the FAQs from an interview: http://livestock-poultry-financing.blogspot.com/2010/07/faqs-on-emu-farming.html

Hopefully, these will be helpful to you.

Many of us not tasted EMU meat because it is costly and the availability is very less.We are eating meat of pig,cow,buffallo,goat,chicken,duck almost any living thing  then why not EMU.The only problem is that the industry is in initial stage and people rearing birds to sell not to kill…

just do one thing…place some matured birds in wildlife.then u can see people hunting them and eating its meat…

EMU has great economic Importance…but be patient to mature the industry

fancypigeonskerala.blogspot.in/2 … -bird.html

fancypigeonskerala.blogspot.in/2 … erala.html

I too wanted to start emu farming. But only question is the market… What is it going to be. Are we going to sell eggs, meat or what is the ultimate consumption for this industry…

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To know about emu farming project report and about nabard subsidy and emu farming hand book please check


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The EMU farm is not that much profitable as announced by the promotors, take care. This is not my advice but the Collector of Erode Dist announced in a Daily Tamil News.

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We have a 50 pair of emu Farm, the distributor ( Name Kausal)ware commitment at the time of buy the emu, that “i will buy emu egg & oil from you” he also commitment that he will do marketing for selling the meat also. But after one year he run away. He fraud us, We tried to find him and got his native town in Bihar. gone to police, But bihar Police not taken any action giants him.

Now we want to sell our all emu.
So You inform that "Many emu farmers are successfully using internet marketing method for their business"
i want to know brief details about Internet Marketing of Emu farming.

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Emu or turkey farming is not viable at all . The problem is Emu and turkey eat feed when ever they see light … They are constantly eating and what ever they eat does not get translated to body weight unlike the broilers which keep feeding and growing in weight . The non- broiler birds are not at all feasible to be reared in a farm . I am even doubtful of goat farms as well . A broiler takes 40 days to reach its desired weight . A turkey takes a year of feeding .

**I see this been a old topic posted before years, I am replying here because someone must not enter in to emu farming. There was a scam a few years before in my home state of tamilnadu. There was a booming lies all over Kongu belt of Tamilnadu in the areas like coimbatore,Tiruppur,Karur,Namakkal,Salem that emu’s are very profitable and it yields farmers monthly up to 50k-1Lac depending on how many sets of emu they buy, They were all promised buy backs and were told there is plenty of demand for emu oil and emu flesh. It all turned out to be a huge scam and farmers invested in lacs of rupees as security deposit to rear two to four emus and were all duped. There were lots of emus roaming on the streets when farmers let them out as they were not feasible or earning a penny by rearing them.

I would like to let my fellow people know that do not grow or rear something that is not native of your land and it will always be a failure !**

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