Emergence of horns in calfs

hi all
i want to know when do horns emerge in calfs for crossbreed HF?
thanks in advance

Horns emerge within 1 month in most breeds, some will develop over months.
Normally dairies will get it dehorned to avoid future problems.
Correct time to de-horn is 15-21 days of age.

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What kind of dehorning methods are used?


Vishal Goel


It is little scary, villagers burn it with red hot iron rod.
Vets give local anestatia and burn with electric gun. Gun emitts continouse sparks and tender horn gets burnt.

The doctors here have a dehorning instrument which is heated using electricity and used to disbud the horns. Yes it is painful and difficult to watch, but is the only way to do it in India at this time.
Be careful to take care of the wound caused for at least 1 week till it heals otherwise once it  gets infected will take months to correct.

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