Electromagnetic water conditioner/softener for Agriculture

Working of Electromagnetic water conditioner/softener

  1. For a good production in agriculture, Most of them think only Soil characteristics & Fertilizers
    are important, but also Water plays an important role.
  2. Water contains minerals & particles like calcium, magnesium, carbonates, sulfates
    & chlorides. Calcium and magnesium reacts with other particles to form calcium
    carbonate. Calcium carbonate in water is reason for scaling in pipes, vessels, pumps
    etc., Scaling also formed after irrigation in soil & in plant roots. So plant cannot take
    its necessary requirements from soil.
  3. Our water conditioner, with the help of electromagnetic waves neutralizes the
    minerals like calcium & magnesium. If this minerals are neutralized, it will not react
    with other particles to form carbonates and chlorides. It breaks down mineral
    carbonates & chlorides into calcium, magnesium.
  4. In this process, chlorides formation in roots of plants. So it helps for the better
    growth of plant. Also it reduces lime scale formation (White salt like) in pipelines,
    pumps, water tanks, sprinklers etc.,

Advantages of Electromagnetic water conditioner/softener

  1. Increase production from 15% to 30% ( Even High in some cases )
  2. Reduces scale formation in water lines, tanks, pipes
  3. Good growth of plants
  4. Easy to Install ( Installed in pump discharge )
  5. Can be used for both Open well and bore well pumps
  6. Requires less power( 110 V to 240 V AC Single phase )
  7. No Maintenance work required

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