Economical importance of medicinal plant cultivation for the welfare of farmer/agri enterpreneur

We are organised training programme regarding economical importance of medicinal plant cultivation for the improvement of farmer income in upcoming month 15-16; 29-30 November 2019. any one who is interested please call 8239781078, 8329199541.
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This program is very interesting as i m working on Moringa plantation .and i want to find out what is the level of demand in the market.


Edouard Sefu
La Sape

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market is demand always powder oil from seeds

hello sir,
please come to our training to gain knowledge, schedule on November

Good initiative, but first we need to know few important aspects of medicinal plant cultivation in terms of cultivation challenges, how to tie up buyback, pitfalls in buybacks, economics of subject plants cultivation, subsidy and sustainability of cultivation in long run. We should know this information prior to the course intern it would benefit to all and it would makes the session very interactive. Or else it is just like a information, cannot make it anything out of it.

Hi Vish, to reach out to that level, we should know which plants should be cultivated and it is economically viable.Then we can think how best we could achieve the best values out of it based on best practices.

i am an ex farm manager and horatious reder of ag cultivation you first have test on the soil for suitable crops