Drumstick pest


We have planted some drumstick plants PAVM variety. Some plants have leaf being eaten by caterpillar small green/white ones. They eat the leaves and make small webs in the plant and the half eaten leaves become brown and dry up.
I have sprayed neem leaf extract. Surprising thing is there is one small neem tree where similar problem persists, the caterpillar has eaten the neem leaves.
Please suggest what to spray to control.


Try spraying Metarizium/Bactirium Turengenisis.  You can contact Phalada Agro tech 9448331033. They will send it by courier.

Usually, in villages, they put ASH on the caterpillars and they cannot withstand this and fall from the trees…You can burn them later…

Thanks Sri, i will try that.
Mr. Ganesan
How exactly should I use ash? My plants are still small. Should i mix with something so that it sticks?


Just sprinkle the ASH directly on the caterpillars…This will cause irritation for the caterpillars and they will fall down.

You can collect the caterpillars and burn them later.