Drumstick Cultivation

I am planning to cultivate drumstick  in 15 acres .I’m farming for the first time. I do not have the heart to use chemicals but Im also apprehensive about the yeild if I go for Organic. I have ploughed the land and laid drip. Will be sowing in June.I have a few questions regarding the same

  1. Are pits essential before sowing ? If yes then how deep ? Can we add FYM to pits? If pits are not essential then what do we add to the soil before sowing ? What Fertigation protocol do we follow ?

2 ) Are bio products as effective as chemical ones for drumstick?  Can someone  suggest some reliable companies for bio products .

  1. I have heard that drumsticks are being exported from Hyderabad to Dubai . Would appreciate it if someone can share any information on that.

I feel a bit a sea  being a first generation farmer .Would like to get in touch with other drumstick cultivators in Hyderabad . Would appreciate any kind of information.

Check this thread - Though not organic - but very detailed information

farmnest.com/forum/agricultural- … utivation/