Drought area farming

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I bought a 2 acre land and realized that the land is more of moram (due to inexperience with buying) and has rocks as we dig down. I dug a borewell 3 years ago but has dried after 2.5 years . I have planted a mix of Guava and Mango trees 3 years ago. The Mango trees are surviving but several Guava trees dried out. I would like to know your advice on what would be the low/no cost (except seeds) way to make this farm green again in this solely now rain fed farm.

Ideally I would just like to throw seeds/seedlings and allow the existing trees to thrive :smiley:

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PS: I live away in city and visit this farm for greenery and fresh air

plan on harvesting whatever little rain water you get. make channels to collect run off & do farm pond. excess water can be diverted to borewell recharge.

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You can throw the seeds and they will sprout only during rainy season and after that they will die.

Dig a few pits till you get rock.
See which one retains water after rain.
Then make it larger. Later cover it to prevent evaporation.
Natural farming doesnt need much water.
I am using 1000 lts a day on 2 acres.
Can get along.

Rock more then apple are not good in the farm, farm need to be rock free, without knowing soil condition and water pH if you grow plants they don’t yeild good and plants get stress out, and few plants don’t grow, it waste of time if yeild is not good after 5years of plant growth.

You should know how much min and Max yeild one plant gets in a year and how to increase it.

Can I get some idea of what you grow in 2 Acres and use only 1000 Lts a Day–I also have a similar problem --Do not want to dig a well in 1.75 Acres Land–No proven Borewell Results there --Wanted to pursue permaculture --Dug swales all around and a Pond for collection of Rainwater–Hoping rains this season–Any direction will help

Can you give location , borewell length , water yield , Motor capcacity installed ?