Drip tape disadvantages

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    I came across Drip tape which is cheaper than the normal laterals, can anyone explain me about it .Is ther any disadvantages?
Planning to use it for papaya and banana. Thanks in advance.

Disadvantages I found in my chrysanthemum crop are:
tape is very light, they were not keeping in position due to wind, I had to tie both ends and use binding wire plugs at frequent intervals
typically the distance of drip holes is fixed 1 or 1.25/1.5 feet, plants had to be adjusted for that spacing
my laborer found it cumbersome to wrap up every now and then when deweeding
after the crop is over, we had kept it in a corner, after few days rats had done their job to make is useless

Dear sri Shankarpandi,

Drip tapes are mostly for short duration crops. For crops like Papaya and Banana, Drip tapes are not much preffered.

Drip tapes are much suitable for seasonal/short duration crops. Rats problem will be more in closed rooms. If the tapes, after the crop kept/hanged out side , the damage is rather remote.

Cost wise also, the tapes should be selected basing on the type of crop, which ranges between ,1 mm , 2 mm up to 4 mm.

If supported with GI wire, 10 swg/12 swg, it can be intact.

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Agree with all points by gunda.

Additionally if drip tape costs 3.50/m and lasts for 3 seasons, it is more expensive than drip lateral that costs around 5.50/m but lasts several years.
I got a feeling uniformity of water discharge with poor quality/low pressure borewells is better with laterals than drip tape. The discharge rate is higher with tape too.