Drip Irrigation

In continuation of my plans to set up a farm, can some one please share the dos and donts of Drip irrigation.
I have read a lot but nothing like learning from other peoples experiences.
Also what will be the cost of drip irrigation per acre where we are cultivating vegetables in the centre  and coconut on the periphery.
Th area in anathpur district gets very little rain and borewells are at 400 feet.
Any experience in organic farming in this district will be very useful.
Thank you.

Dear Johnk,

The cost of drip irrigation system would depend on mainly the spacing between emitters and laterals. You need to share the details of your water source, motor available if any, emitter spacing & lateral spacing required etc to help anyone to offer you an estimate.

My suggestions:

If your crop pattern demands a non-standard spacing opt for a online emitter system rather than going for a fixed spaced inline emitters.

If your water is clear, have a simple filtering system and simply dont go by the fancy and wimsy filters & choose them unnecessarily

Even before you start anything, draw a pattern of how your drip irrigation system should look like. Measure the distances and estimate the cost of must haves like laterals, emitters and main lines etc. This way you would be prepared.

Hope this helps!


Dear saravanakumargcses, could you throw some more light on online emitter system and a fixed spaced inline emitters.


Please find below attached images of inline & online emitters.

The image as such is selfd explanatory. But to keep things simple;

A)Inline emitter tubing will have the emitter placed inside the drip tubes at a standard spacing interval ex.40cm away each.The emitters are fabricated inside the tubes during the manufacturing process itself.

B)Online emitters are emitters which can be plugged externally with any spacing on the drip tubes surface

Pros & Cons;

A)Clogging is a main problem with inline emitters with cleaning becoming extremely difficult and near impossible
B)Spacing is standard with inline emitters and we cant do anything about it
C)Inline emitter system is cheaper than online emitter system

Hope this helps!


Dear Saravanakumargcses

Thanks a ton for the quick and detailed response.
It is really appreciated.