Drip Irrigation information

Hi All
I want to test install drip for my small farm
wanted certain information

  1. whats the maimum lenghth of drip lateral line?(16 mm/12mm)
  2. maximum number of drippers per line(8lph/4lph)
    thank you guys

Dear Sri Khannae ,

12 mm, 16 mm laterals wiil be available in lengths of 300 mtrs, 400 mtrs, 500 mtrs  depend on  the company  and also on distance between inline drippers.

Mostly farmers must prefer 16 mm laterals only.

Tape laterals will be at 750 mtrs to 1,000 mtrs lengths even. ( cheap and used for short time usage only )

Inline drippers mostly , in regular,  available at a distance  of 60 cms, 45 cms, 30 cms,  and on order  we get at 1 mtr, 20 cms and even 15 cms also.
Prices mostly depends on number of drippers per MTR length and companies MFD it.

Also, ISI and non ISI are available.

With best wishes,  g.p.Rao,    farmer

Thank You,

Presently 12 MM lateral  is not avilable in the Market and it is not advisable to go for 12 mm
because it is outdated . You use 16 mm only.You go for 16 mm . You can select online or  inline 
depending upon the crop. For Fruit Gardens necessary  you should go for online only. Inline is
suitable for Horticulture / Vegetable crops.

Inline lateral uniformly displace the water at the same Quantity from First Dipper to last  Dipper.
But in the case of online the pressure may vary from First dipper to  and Lat Dipper.

thank you Manne sir for fast reply
I also wanted to know how many drip emitters can be used in one 16 mm line

In Drip Irrigation Maximum Length  of Tubing (Drip Lateral) is depending upon the Emitter Spacing as follows:

100 = 100’ (30,5 m)
250 = 250’ (76,3 m)
500 = 500’ (152,4 m)
1,000 = 1,000’ (305,0 m)

For Further Details if any Needed Pl. Visit :
rainbird.com/documents/drip … nGuide.pdf