Dragon fruit farming and its benefits

About Dragon Fruit
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Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Dragon fruit is known as kamalam in Gujarat. The dragon fruit is a tropical fruit native to Mexico and Central America. It tastes like a mixture of kiwi and pear. This fruit contains a good amount of iron. If you have low haemoglobin, this fruit helps to increase it. It should be consumed during pregnancy as it increases red blood cells. It also contains good amounts of fibre and carbon hydroxide. Which gives energy during pregnancy. It also helps indigestion. This article provides information about the types of dragon fruit and the health benefits of dragon fruit (in pregnancy and diabetes). In addition, information on the cultivation of dragon fruit and the benefits of cultivating dragon fruit is also given. The farmer who cultivates dragon fruit is also given assistance by the Horticulture Department about which information is also given below.

Dragon fruit Cultivation

  • As it is a seedling of cactus species, dragon fruit can be planted in any season. Generally, planting can be done from June to February.
  • Pillars can be fitted one foot deep in the ground
  • The distance between crops can be kept 10 × 8 feet.
  • Mix compost and soil, and put seedlings five inches deep.
  • Planting four seedlings on one pillar.
  • Watering seven days after sowing.
  • To erect approximately 225 pillars in one Ward.
  • Dragonfruit can usually grow in any type of soil.
  • The estimated cost in a single ward can be up to one and a half lakh.

Benefits of dragon fruit cultivation

  • There are no viral diseases
  • There is no risk of crop failure
  • No need for chemical fertilizers, pesticides
  • Intercrop can be taken as per planting
  • Weeding does not cost
  • A large amount of product can be taken even in less water.
  • Production is good in one year. And income can be taken from twenty-five to thirty years.
  • Do not eat pigs, nilgai, or stray cattle
  • The product can be taken even at a temperature of 10 degrees to 5 degrees.
  • Less effort, bulk earnings.
  • Crops are bought sitting at home. Fruits do not spoil even without cold storage for 10 to 15 days after harvesting.
  • Fruits weigh from 100 gms to 200 gms. An estimated twenty-five to thirty nuggets come on a pillar in the first year.
  • An estimated first year in one genre can earn from one to one and a half lakh.

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