Does any one have moringa leaves cultivation and market details

Does any one have moringa leaves cultivation and market details

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Economics / Market : Within 8-10 months a single plant yields 200 to 350 drumsticks( Depends on Variety ). After harvesting the plants are pruned retaining only pencil size thick branches. Plants again start flowering from 11-13th month onwards again giving yield of 200-250 drumsticks/plant.[color=blue] Annual net profit to the tune of Rs.1,00,000/- to 3,00,000/- per acre [/color]or[color=brown] More[/color]–> (Depends on the tonnage per acre in your field & Number of Plants planted, i.e Minimum 10,000 kgs x Rs. 10 {{[color=red]if you like to have inter-cropping then trees are planted more distance apart[/color]}}).  As drumstick market is always steady ranging from a low as 10 Rs./kg. to as high as 60 Rs/kg.

Gujarat state provides a large market for drumstick. All districts in Maharashtra, Indore, Gwalior, Madras, Kerala whole of South India, Uttar Pradesh provide a good potential for inland Market.
Export of drumsticks to UAE and such other Western countries can fetch Rs. 50 to 70 per kg. of drumstick form local exporter. But care has to be taken to avoid an excess use of artificial fertilizers and toxic pesticides to ensure the complete absence of harmful residues.

Locally Fresh drumsticks are sold at wholesale rate to Rs.15-20-25 per k.g.

Am looking for Moringa leaves details not for Moringa sticks

Of-course these trees will provide you both.


Contact This Person and he will guide you for marketing of Moringa Leaves

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