Do you feel we Could win Investors from this ( community for our ORGANIC Agro TOURISM “Green Project”…?


I want to expand my multi-earning business so…

We are Looking for Investors… or help me reach

out and connect to investors- who can invest upto

6 crores in our “Green Project” around ORGANIC

Agro Tourism based 5 kms from Varanasi Airport.

( You can Call me directly at +91 7376361664 )

For those of you who don’t know about our credibility…
We have been featured by E-Tv and Zee News Media for our Good work



Recently our Green Project under AGRO TOURISM
video went Viral in youtube… with 83,000 Viewers worldwide
and still Viewers are increasing like crazy :slight_smile:

Here is the Video Testimonial of our Guests

who have visited in our Varanasi based Farm



Reference Image of our ORGANIC Farm


This is what we have invested 63 lakhs INR to Develop this

**proprietary technology and PROVEN Business Model so far.

I have also attach supportive documents for initial Business Plan and

projection reference.
Please find the same in this post attached.

Do let me know your thoughts on my suggestion…

Looking forward to hear from you.

Vevek Gahatraj

+91 7376361664

**BHU Agro tourism Franchise Project-.pdf (109.7 KB)


You can contact the Guy from he is running similar project