Disease in Bhindi and chipped mango bark

Could anybody tell me what disease exists on the bhindi leaves? What should be done ?
Is the chipped mango bark a concern ? Is this an injury or symptoms of a disease ?

Photos attached…

But exposed stems must be treated first. Try with aplying ghanjeevamrith paste where it is exposed wrap with grass or any other straws. This is the solution given to coffe growers in my place. Those who meticulousely done this treatment they have found out the results.

For stem you can apply lime and copper sulphate as separate stripes. This is prevention treatment

The stem is portion where the food is stored for entire plant. so it harms the growth of the plant.

The second one looks like powdery mildew. Milk, butter milk or a number of chemicals are supposed to be effective.

I agree with you Chandra.

I met lastweekend The President of Sahaja Samrudha. He was suggesting Casurina trees on the fence will attract all fungus. He is succsessfull in this.