Direct selling or processing of coconut

Right now, coconut price is going very low. From the farm, they are taking only for Rs.4.5 - Rs.5 near Coimbatore area.

Any ideas how we can improve the profitability to the farmers directly, rather than middle man? I am open for some small scale processing unit to produce coconut based product if it gives some monetary benefits.

Please suggest.


Dear Sri Ramesh,

Very sad for coconut farmers in one way. Prices are not increasing from past so many years. only two alternatives, up to my thinking. One is going for suitable inter crops. second is, going for converting the end product, coconuts , as recommended by Coconut Boards. Of course, it is expensive and difficult for all the farmers.

It is better and practicable for all, most of the farmers. In diffarent regions, most of the farmers are going for inter cropping like Cocoa, Areka nut, Acid lime, Coffee ( kaveri ), Bush pepper, Ginger, partial shade loving vegetable crops, etc …

The inter crops do well in coconut farms and additional and cosiderable incomes will come to the farmers. In future, coconuts prices may also increase. I know some farmers are getting ,even upto one lakh and more per acre, in coconut,inter cropping with cocoa, in coastal areas of south india, mainly in Andhra Pradesh.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer


Thanks for the detailed reply. I did explore the Cocoa, but TNAU didn’t recommend for our area due to weather conditions.

Acid lime and Areka nut seems to be good option. Since we have limited water source, little hesitant to do the inter cropping. That is one of the reason, I was thinking of getting into some processing unit.

Certainly I will take your input and explore the intercropping option as well.

Thanks Again :slight_smile: