Different Crops and Their Details


i am Planning to Start a new Project in a Months Time…

Just Wanted to Know The Different Types of Seeds Used and Their Cycles and Availability in Tamilnadu (Thiruvannamalai).

Pratish Naidu

H Pratish Naidu,

This is quite open ended and you will have to provide more specifics on the information you are looking for.

Without your profile, how can you get it done you your job?
Come up with complete profile of your land, water resources, crops growing at present, nearby farmers crops, results, water source, rainfall, soil type, your interested crops, whether it is your Sunday farming or farming for life etc will be covering in your profile.

Good profile will attract more and more.
All the best

hi Chandra,

I wanted to know what are the possible crops that can be harvested in my farm in Thiruvannamalai Tamilnadu, if i get some information on the crop details will be helpful to carry on forward from there. as i had got advise by some of the users in this forum that i can harvest any kind of crop.

Just wanted to get some details of The Crop Cycle,Availabiliity and Investments required. be it ant seed.

Pratish Naidu

Hi Swamy,

As i had earlier mentioned in my other post that i have 8 Acres of Land in Which 2 and half acre being Wet Land were water availability is there and Rest of Land is Dry Land were i am Planning to dig up wells or Farm Ponds for Drip Irrigation,
As i haven started any Farming there are no Present Crops.

Near by Farmers Crops is be Rice,Groundnuts,Sugarcane,Banana Plantations.

And i am asserting on a Matter that o am a new Person in this Industry so i know very Little about this Looking Forward to you guys for help regarding Where should i start from.

i have started Researching on this a few days back and i think i have done less than 1% of Work.

as you said good Profile will attract more,i hope you guys will help me to build a good Profile

Pratish Naidu