Diary farming in North Karnataka


I m Having 10 acres of land with abundant water resource in Bidar District, Karnataka. I want to start a diary farm with 10 cows and 10 buffaloes. Here are some of my confusions.

  1. Can some one suggest me from where to get good breed of cows and buffaloes with good yield suitable for the region.
  2. Here people had said that cross breed HF cows from bangalore ,tamilnadu will not perform well, as the region is hot.
  3. Cost of Cows and Buffaloes with yield of more than 10-12 litre per day.
  4. feeding cost per cow and buffalo.
  5. what should be the feed for the cow and the buffalo. Can i be totally dependent on my agriculture land or i have to purchase some feed from outside.
    Please suggest me, I am willing to start a diary farm in my small district.

Ashish kumar.

If you browse animals section ansers are available already.