Diary farm- Milk sale price?

Dear Members,

Any member from Tirunelveli dist or Tamilandu state, please guide what is the current purchase price of milk at milk cooperative soc. Understand price for cow milk and Buffalo milk is differ. pls share the information.

rajan mathew

Dear Mr.Mathews,

The price of Cow Milk and Buffalo Milk is different in all co-operatives and all markets in India, even hotels. They all pay more for the fat present in buffalo milk. Except in states like Punjab, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, buffalo milk is not common, I mean fresh buffalo milk is not available in other places and rest all know only co-operative/private packeted milk.

Murali Krishnan


noted, what would be the buying price of COW MILK (for calculation purpose consider fat per in cross breed cow) in Thenkasi aread in cooperative ? is this near to Rs 35/ltr or just below 30?

Are u still in TVM?

rajan mathew

Yes. Am at Trivandrum now.