I am doing banana plantation at Gundelpet on a 5 acres land. Having major problems on weeds between the plantation.
Huge cost is going using manual labour, also tried using a small tiller on hire which is also quite expensive.

Can i get some suggestions to control weeds which is cost effective and does not have any impact on the plantation.
Was told about a spray but this was to be done before doing the plantation which i missed out. Any other alternative.

Also any cost effective machinery which can be used.

Nakul OC

Dear Sri Nakul sir, Please inform us about the crop plantation date,and inform us whether it is a fresh crop or Ratoon crop, distance between plants and rows, type of soil etc. On study,we will be in a position to suggest you the possible best.  g.p.rao, farmer

Dear Nakul,

Post deweeding immediately plastic mulching around the area should control weeding issue from arising in future.