Developing farm in a land close to forest-tenkasi, threats, possibilities

Dear Friends,

As advised earlier, am about finalise a land of 30acere which is border with hilly forest area.

The soil is red but have sand contents. seems rich mineral content,. however due to its geographical, slope heavy water flow in monsoon can be seen. Place is in Tenkasi nr western ghat. road access to the farm is very tough but hope that in future it may be developed.

Land has frequent visit of deers, bores, peacocks and other wild animals and occasionally elephant.

now I need help/advise

  1. how much would be approx cost per acre for electric fencing. Whether electric fencing would be successful to prevent wild animal attacks. ?

  2. Red soil with heavy rock peace/sand content. whether such soil is suitable for banana cultivation, coconut …etc

  3. Land has two bore wells. is there any person in this forum from Kadayanelloor, vadakari area, pls share is there any water scarcity in summer? I am confident taht due to proxiness to western ghat even bore well are failed we can recharge with modern rain water harvesting methods? any pro or cons in such plan

  4. what are the possible challenges and threats may face in a land with these characteristics…?


  I have got land few months ago where wild animals visit frequently and land is having slopes .
I am trying to contact few vendors for solar fencing and only one vendor reverted me  quoting 2 lacks / km (Aprox 18-20 acres) .
Some farmers told me wild animals are scared of any metal wire, when it touches them they simply run away (specially deers) .
Next few months I am planning to find out a cheapest solution for solar fencing with just a couple of steel wires running on bamboo sticks . 

Few issues we have faced till now are as below .

Tried natural fencing with sagargota but due very less rain it did not worked .
Done leveling of  3/4 acres plot spending 35-40k .
Water tank, water shed is needed to store rain water during mansoon .
EB power supply we are trying to workout .


Dear PPB, Krishnan and members

thanks for sharing and valuable advise.

I have tried to up load snaps of land have selected. could not succeeded. will try to up load later.

rajan mathew

enclose few shorts of land. path and soil type. awaiting respected members suggestions, opinions…

more snaps. but unable to post more photos. how i can be allowed to post all snaps regarding land geography, soil type…etc



Ganeshji, Swamiji, Nikhilji. (Saverafarms)… and other respected members, pls help and comments on soil type atleast… awaiting … _the_forum

Awaiting for SWOT analysis on this soil type and land please

rajan mathew