Designing a new equipment for Cotton Farmers exclusively

I require a small help from all the farmers. I am a student and I am making a machine for the cotton farmers and looking out for testing in the feilds. Please forward the contacts with consent who are ready for a testing in their farm during the season. This is for the betterment of cotton farming in india. Thanks.

Hi, what is the machine about?

Good thought , All the best!!

Hi Chandra!

My entire team is currently working on a cotton picking machine which focuses on providing otally clean cotton and less labour cost, we have almost completed the design and looking forward for testing. So seeking help from all the Farm nest members. And Thanks for the reply.

If the people involved into cotton business are in and around bangalore then its an added advantage because it is suppose to be done at the minimum cost.

Thanks Suresh.
Appreciate if you can post details on how it works, what are the benefits over existing machinery and maybe some pictures?

Do visit our site and know who are we then we could just talk over it. Thanks.

Okay, welcome back then.

Ok Mr. Chandra!

We in the coming few months are going to work rigorously for the betterment of the farming community. we have currently started with the improvement of the collecting process of the white gold of India. Currently we are testing our machine and will be able to study about the issues faced in reality. i would note down the issues faced in the real world regarding the contamination of cotton. If anyone has faced then they could reply and we could discuss about it. Because of the picking ways Indian cotton is named the most contaminated cotton in the world. we should work to make it wrong.


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