Desi cow curd and/or milk for improving soil or pest control?


I am reading and trying to understand the impact of natural farming on soil.  Truly excited and eager to start myself.

Very happy to see this section like bible to me.  Intriguing queries from Chandra, patience clarity from cowherd, Swamy and few others experts,  and Keshavapuri devils advocate cross examination are all superb.

With my little understanding I am seeing lot of use and reference of cow dung and urine,  but feeling that Curd and milk of Desi cow can be part of this natural farming. 

Can someone shed light on the utilizing and their experience of using Desi cow mum and especially curd.  The reason I ask is curd also is collection of micro organisms.


Sour butter milk or just milk can be sprayed for fungal infections or mildews. butter milk has lactobacillus. it also induce growth of plant by increasing chlorophyll count.