Date Cultivation Rajasthan


I have started Date Cultivation in Northern Rajasthan in May 2018.

The variety of the plant is Behri Date.

They are planted with a spacing of 25 feet using drip irrigation,

need the advice on the following,

  1. what is the growth rate of the plant. How much do they grow in first, Second, Third year?
  2. what is the irrigation schedule, how much water and at what interval it should be given?
  3. what all spray( Insecticides/fungicides) needs to be done at different time of the year?
  4. Ours is a place with extreme climate where temperature during summers goes up to 50 degree C and in winter goes down to 2 Degree C. also during June to August we have lot of Humidity.
  5. till now growth of the plant is irregular, some have grown very healthy and some are not growing as quickly.
    one plant has also dried off, (Reason Unknown)
  6. What should be fertigation schedule for the plants of this age?

I have many more questions but will be glad if some one share their knowledge and experience or could guide to the right person/institution, who could provide proper guidance.!

Thanks & Regards