Dairy - High yield from native/desi/Indian breeds


Looking for some information on dairies run solely by stocking Indian/native/desi breeds of cattle.

  • What are the pros and cons?
  • How are the financials working out? Does it look like a decent bankable project? Could you share details?
  • How is the breeding being managed (bull, artificial insemination, sexed semen etc)
  • What is the average yield? How does this compare with the feed and medical inputs?
  • What is the marketing strategy involved? Sell to local government dairies at 20-odd rupees or selling directly or by creating a brand?
  • How is the sourcing of animals managed (initial plus rotation of breeding stock)?
  • Have you tried to procure the high yielding varieties from your own state or from other parts of India?
  • Any success stories from states with low yielding varieties (Karnataka, Kerala, Assam, Orissa, Bengal etc.)
  • What’s the peak milk yield you have seen on your farm from one of these cows?

If you wish to send a personal message, please do so at sydches at gmail dot com