Dairy for In Gujarat


Just wondering how many active users from Gujarat are here, since I can see very less.

Devang Dani
Nandanvan Dairy Farm


i am from Gujarat…

But working in Kuwait.

I will like to join Dairy business soon.

We are from Gujarat and in Sabarkantha. We have developed a State of the Art Gir cow dairy farm with 60 Gir cows of different blood lines and all Gir cows are pure breed. we also have 4 bulls with different progeny line. Gir cow organic  milk is sold at Rs 70 per liter and Organic Vedic Ghee at rs 1700 per kg to offload the by products.  We don’t use either chemical fertilizers or pesticides too for the cultivation of fodder for the cows.
This is a venture to promote and save, conserve Gir cows breed, which is being vanished from Gujarat. It has tremendous medicinal properties plus healing characteristics for several diseases. It does change the mind set, bad habits and temperament of a person using the Ghee or milk. This is what we have personally observed for a long time. We can’t compare Gir cow with HF or Jersey in milk yield.
The milk of above imported breed is with bad A1 protein. This is the observation of New Zealand scientists.Please go through the the famous book ‘Devil in Milk’.
A natural, organic produce is always less in production. It is the real sequence of nature. Whatever milk Gir cows gives is the natural process and can’t and we shouldn’t try to enhance the milk by way of some un natural ways or hormones.
This is just a s response to what someone has asked for Gujarat  dairy activity. This is for all who are interested in Gir cows.