Dairy Farming - questions

Dear All,
I am from Kottayam, Kerala. I am planning to start a dairy farm with 25 HB cows in Kerala and would like to know the initial investment cost, daily feeding expenses and daily income so that I can calculate the financial profitability of the project. Also, I would like to know the daily nutrient need of a cow for high production. Kindly explain the difference between dry fodder and concentrate mixture. Please suggest a good location for a dairy farm in Kerala, availability of bank loans, etc…
Thank You All

Dear Mr.Somu john,

You can look for places in Pala,Thodupuzha,Koothattukulam,Pathanamthitta–>Ranni belt. For establishing 25 cow dairy farm apart from 3 acres of land you need 25 Lakhs for cows, machinery, shed, water storage facility. Dry fodder is like hay. only good for satisfying the hunger of the cow + regurgitation. WYNAD,IDUKKI  are good locations. All nationalised banks give loans provided you arrange for collateral security or govt employed guarantors. Concentrates are a balanced ration for cows containing all types of rice and wheat brans, cakes like coconut,gingelly,tapioca,groundnut, vitamins minerals,calcium supplementation etc.

Feel free to communicate if you have more doubts. We deal with milking equipment based in trivandrum.