Dairy Farming - Land wanted near Bangalore

Dear Mr.Chandra

Iam a aspirant to start a dairy in and around Bangalore , may be 150 to 200KMs from Bangalore.  I like to buy 5 to 10 acres of land for starting the Dairy farm. Can you suggest me which area is much suitable to get cheap land. I need land cost between 1.5 to 2 lakh per acre.

Thanks in advance

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Dear Krishnan,

I am not an expert in the area, but I am sure some of the members from Bangalore can respond to your query.

Please also post this land requirement under farmnest.com/forum/farm-lands/

Dear Mr. Krishnan,

Please contact us for the land u expect.  We can help you in this regard.  U can call me on 09848203647.

Raghu Ram
Sampada Farms & Consultants



Im looking for the same size of land with the same specs - 8-10 acres at 1.5-2 lacs per acre around bangalore -

Please feel free to contact me.


Hi Krishnan & Navin,
Hope you people have got lands and established or on the way for it.
What is the status now?

We are a group from IT sector , who have been searching for land near Bangalore for 2 years and finally we got one !

It is just 50 kms from Electronics city. 14.5 acres. At an altitude of 3300 ft above sea level. Good climate , perfect for HF cows. We drilled borewell couple of weeks back and got 4 inch water also…in the first try itself…Land development work is going on…

If you want to know further, pls be in touch… we are planning to start a blog / forum to write about our experiences with this area…soon…

Hi Organic Diary,

Mind sharing the price / acre for the benefit of all.? Atleast we will come to know the prevailing prices of land. Going skywards or what !!



Hi i am from dharmapuri planning to start a dairy farm like u i am almost finalishing the land. The rate quoted by you for dry land. pl go rate Rs.5 lac per acre. Water is must for animals. for more details call me

Hi all,
Dairy farming is part and parcel of whole agriculture. When one can do the agriculture, then dairy is very easy, if one wants to do only dairy then every chance of risk is must as it depends on only one source of dairy itself. But in agriculture all are integrated and inter linked to all in one for balancing failures, nature effects, marketing gamble, own mistakes, miss managements etc. If one sector is failed then can expect profit from other to balance the total loss.

If Agriculture is considered as elephant, then dairy can be a leg of elephant. Elephant can survive without one leg, but one leg cannot hold a elephant please be note.

Selection of land and wife will be once in life time decision ( 2nd tr’s are also possible in some cases) But, first of all satisfy yourself for owning the land but not on the basis of price.
You can borrow loan to buy a land which you love more as taking risk for loved one is beautiful experience in the life. 

Distance from your residence to your land, Market feasibility for your products. Water and power suply for agricultural activity and labour availability etc also very important aspect to finalize to own land anywhere beware.

Importantly for small investment ameture entrants in dairy is to decide that whether they can serve it (Dairy) as their own infant kith and kin, otherwise
A work done by Labours will be worst.
A work done by your son will be ok. But,
A work done by you will be Great, because you know that how much pain you taken for it and hence you will perfectly take care of it to reach your goal.
Importantly if you will be able to be personally present in dairy, then you can expect very good returns

Hello Folks,

I have been following the topics from this forum for quite some time and its really great that the amount of information is being exchanged via this forum. Thanks & Appreciate everyone’s effort involved in this.

I have been on the lookout for an agricultural land of about 10 Acres in and around Bangalore (around 100 KMs) for some time now. Most of the places/ plots that I visited were very high priced. It is just that the owners are asking the prices as they want and the brokers are hiking the rates even more where as the prevailing plot rate is much less than the quoted price. And the best part is the plots are getting sold and the prices are just being hiked.

After all these, I thought let me get help from the local people in the villages (definitely not brokers) who can help me in getting the land. As I was going through this topic, thought some one from this forum could also help me in my venture to buy the land. I’m looking a plot of min. 10 Acres with in 100 to 150 KMs from Bangalore for a  price between 1 Lac to 2 lacs. Anyone’s help in this regard is much appreciated.


P.S: @ Chandra, I posted this in this thread as I was not able to post it in the other related topics.

hi friends
i have a many pice of 10-15 acre lands just 150 km from Bangalore… easily accessible from NH4
its cost between1.5 to 2 lakh per acre…
pls contact


Need 1 to 4 acres of Agriculture Land with Good water Facility In Bangalore.

I need to setup dairy farm, please respond to the thread if any one has the land.