Dairy Farm in Gujarat


I was just wondering how many active users from Gujarat are here.

Devang Dani
Nandanvan Dairy Farm
Kapadwanj, Dist : Kheda

Saw some of photos on your facebook page.
Seems you have all gujrat breeds, kankrej, gir etc. in open house system. I was under impression that the local breeds dont behave well in open housing, you seem to have done it.
I would appreciate and am sure others will also if you can give background and more information on your setup

  1. How much milk each cow gives,
  2. Average herd milk production
  3. Ghee selling price
  4. How much ghee from 1 litre
  5. Breeding cycle of your cows, how long for calving and how long for female calf to become cow
    and anything else that you think you can add. 
    There are many members who are very interested in having dairy farm with local breeds. We have all HF breeds as focus was on quantity of production, not high fat production.
    The only thing holding back farmers to do dairy with local breed is the milk production is lower and the breeding cycle is longer.

Will be nice to read on your success story with some photos and am sure will be inspiration for budding dairy farmers who want to venture with local breeds.

Thanks for sharing

Hello Nikhil Ji

I am planing to start a dairy farm with HF cow in Odisha.
Could you share your knowledge & experience with me?

Thanks & Regards

Vishal Goel