Dairy account keeping

Does anyone have a account maintaing software.

All type of dairy work management software.

cattle management ( oneby one or multipale with calf)
milk management ( one cattle or multiple)
fooder management ( one time or multiple time entry for each cattle or multiple " including calf ")
replacement management
breeding management
expences management
calving management
feeding management
event manegement ( like hit detection, medical etc…)
purchase , sales and income expance management
coustmer contact management
or more

my mail id is:- oxygen_virus@yahoo.com
my mobile no is :- +91-9924466441
if u want to software download pls mail me your contact no and your detail if u have a farm pls give your farm detail. i give u link to download pls give full detail pls…

Hi oxygen_virus,

As I mentioned on another topic, it would be great if you can provide more details on the software, the cost, the requirements and some screenshots.


Dear Sir

Number of people must be waiting for the reply ,what Mr. Chandra has asked for ? Please post the reply .

g c jagwani

Please refer , India’s first cloud based dairy farm management software for made for Indian dairies.


Bhaskara K
M:+91 95900 66566

Hello Agrisoftware

Tell me about price of your software ?
I planning to start with 50 cows …

Thanks & Regards
Vishal GOel