Cultivation of Capsicum (green yellow red) on 1008 sq.m

Dear friends,

I am from ujjain (m.p) and i am taking 1008 sq.m polyhouse on lease from one farmer at price of 1,50,000/- rs. polyhouse is fullfil with 1lakh ltr water tank, deep irrigation + fertigation , foggers, bed prepared, generator for 5HP motor, cemented house for labours .
I want to ask some queries from all seniors and experienced farmers :

  1. what was the cost of cultivation of colour capsicum in 1008 sq.m please describe in details
    like seeds, labour charge, fumigation charges and bed preparation charges (if i fumigate soil),

  2. fertilizers and chemicals pests cost for 1 year

  3. how many plants can transplanted in one sq.m.

  4. most important yearly production of capsicum

  5. MAX price - MIN price and avg price

  6. capsicum off season months when price fetches max price and on season months when price fetches min price

  7. list of buyers /agents / online buyers exporters who gives fair prices

  8. any other exotic vegetables which is more profitable rather than that one

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i am also from ujjain , looking for same venture