Crop suggestions for soils high in Phosphorous

I got my soil report done last week. It reveals high phosphorous levels
and medium potassium levels.
Which crops would be suitable for this kind of soil?
The climate is moderate throughout the year , between 20 and 37 degrees Centigrade.
Will multi crop be suitable? If so, which crops would be better
given the soil and climate conditions?
The land is closer to Bangalore and Chennai…
Attached is the soil report (but is in Telugu).

Dear Sri DDS,

Your PH and Etc are good. Very good humous soils. Phosforous will be there in soil, but is it in the shape, which could be consumed by the plant. Better to apply PSB at the time of plantation.

Basing on your soil report, you can grow any seasonal crops like, maize, corn, cereals etc.

If you have perennial water source ,you can go for fruit crops like, mango, sapota, Guava,etc.

You can go for farming of ,most of the varieties of vegetables, if good water source is exists.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer

Dear DDS & Farm nest gurus

I have question regarding soil collection for soil test. I see some guide lines online,on where & what depth to collect soil. I am planning land leveling to adjust slope. I will get soil from other land or near by lake. Do i need to do soil collection, before this activity Or after? Also if you can share process followed for soil collection, will be great. Thank you.

Best Regards

Dear Sri Sai,

if you want to give soil for soil testing,

for fruit crops, take soil sample at 1 ft depth, 2,3,4,and at 5 ft depths, better in ‘v’ shape. Mingle all and bring to a weight of 500 gms. like that take 2 samples for each acre. Either from the existing soil and/or from the filled up soil. The roots goes to deep.

For seasonal crops like vegetables, flowers and/or for maize,jowar,oilseeds etc, take soil samples from 1/2 ft depth, 1 ft depth , and 1 1/2 ft ,same like above. The roots goes max up to 1 1/2 ft deep.

Give water also for testing along with soil.

with best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer

Here is the translation of the soil report to English

Ph - 6.5
Organic carbon - High
EC - 0.24
Phosphorous - 119 - High
Potassium - 70 - Medium