Crop Information - Template for ALL

Dear All,

I have been struggling to get information on some of the plants and I have been searching for those data in the net and consolidate them as well.  To help others (to be agriculturists), I am planning to create a Template for ALL the varieties of Plants and other things.

I have attached herewith a sample XLS file (specific to COCONUT) which all of you can go through and provide me more information that needs to be captured.  This way, we will have a very good source for the basic things and any specific details can be requisitioned later.

I will willing to maintain this XLS file on a trial basis and see how it goes.  Those who are interested in other topics can also pitch in.

Coconut Details.xls (20 KB)

Dear Padmanabhan Ganesan,

That is quite a noble intention.

As we speak, we at are finalizing a way to do something similar to gather and organize useful Agriculture information across the web. This will of course be a community driven open initiative just like the forum and I hope we can leverage on your initiative as well.

Good luck!

Dear Chandra,

On behalf of the community, please accept my heartful thanks to you for the excellent service you have been doing.  Unlike other sites, this site allows people to exchange their contact numbers.  I hope this trend will continue.

I am happy to share whatever I have gained (knowledge) so far.  I request other members to help in this initiative so that the time taken for newbies will be reduced dramatically and they can concentrate on other things.

Thanks a lot.


Most welcome and thanks for your support.
Yes, this will always be open: … contacted/

hi ganeshan,
where can i get “CHOWGHAT ORANGE DWARF (COD)” veraity coconut for the purpose of tender coconut

Dear rayudoo,

Since I am in Tamilnadu, I can suggest the following link … conut.html

Similarly, Andhra Pradesh will have its own Agricultural University.  You can get in touch with them to get the variety you have mentioned.


it is good method. what other crops you are interested.
more than the data given by you for coocnut, there are many parameters for each and every crop.

Dear Keshavapuri,

I consider myself a novice in agriculture and I am just collecting data before venturing full-fledged into it.  The sample XLS file was collected within a matter of 1 week after googling many sites.

The parameters (captured for coconut) will definitely need to be increased and made precise as well and should be the starting point for anybody to see what type of coconut is good for them and then proceed without any further delay rather than re-inventing the wheel.

I request other members of the site to contribute on what parameters need to be considered first before venturing into the data part so that we do not need to do double work.

Please share your thoughts and we will keep progressing further.


Dear keshavapuri,

I will be creating templates for the following in due course of time.  I would like to concentrate one-at-a-time.

Plantation Crops - Coconut, Palm Oil, Cocoa
Fruit Trees - Mango, Guava, Sapota, Pomegranate, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Amla etc…
Freshwater Fish - Still working on it
Cows - Still working on it (Mainly interested in Indigenous stuff)
Goats - Still working on it (Mainly interested in Indigenous stuff)
Poultry - Still working on it (Mainly interested in Indigenous stuff)
Honey Bees - Still working on it
Misc - Compost, Vermicompost etc…

Please let me know if anybody has already collected the parameters as well as the data and if so, please share the same with the community members.


hi padmanabhan_ ganesan,

Exellent initiative, can you share your latest work


Dear agri_lover,

I have bits and pieces of information here and there but not in a complete format.  I will publish once it is done.


padmanabhan_ ganesan,
Thx for the reply,
we are eagerly waiting for your documents.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Mr. Padmanabhan,
Please could you update on the above…Being a newbie, would like to have more and more information in single sheet…


I have more or less finalised the template data for Vegetables and others in the Works.  It is available in my blog.  The Vegetable Data Template is being updated by me currently.  So use the information as it is.  If you need specifics, ask for it and I will try to provide them.

Please note that I am continuously updating the data when new information is available.