Creating Life Together

Dear Members,

Come and join us to create a community–Eco-village on 32 acres agri land,our mission is to create self reliant community living based on Sustainable methods

  1. No GM seeds
    2.No chemical pesticide or inorganic fertilizers
    Our focus  is to integrate sustainable farming practice such as Permaculture ,Natueco farming or Biodyanamic farming with Eco Earth c
    onstruction,Home Schooling,alternate learning

Come join us

Rajeev Kumar

Hi Friends read all points

Sustainable Living is the concept introduced to those people who are interested in conservation and generation of Natural resource such as Land , air,water , fuel etc

Come Join Us To Create a sustainable  Life in Eco-village

Can you post more information or your vision on this idea. You can PM me your phone no. so that we can talk further.

In brief our model is creation of self sustainable eco village on 32 acres for may be 10 family approx or more at central part of India now at Umaria,M.P., Based on Gajanand Aggarwal model( we forcast our income generation potential at Two crores per years,that will be achieved only if members put  their labour on farm 24 hour a day and seven day a week, or else we hire labourers to do so,setting period is two years for halfway income potential and five years for full income potential,

Our advantage is that I own 32 acres of land(at M.P.) , our target is upto 100 acres with at least 25 members /family at any suitable region in India(Low price agri land with good water resources  will be guiding factor for us), since we are very initial stage , things will finalise once we form community of some members/family…

Rajeev Pal

We have 116 Acres Agricultural Land, on the bank of Irrigation Tank (65 Acres) and Percolation Tank (55 Acres) with Eucalyptus Plantation around 90 Acres 5 Shettali (farm ponds), 3 borewells, 2 sanctioned(7.5 5 HP) and 3 under connection (5 5 5 HP) Electric Connections, Earthen House in Village on a plot adm 5500 sq ft with well, Cement Toilet Block, Water Tank and 2 Biogas Plants, 58 HP Tractor,Trailor, Impliments, 25 HP water pump etc. Call me at: 9423089706

Mr Joglekar,

Are u interested in creating a community Living in your land?

Yes by all means. I have all basic plans which could be discussed altered if needed and implemented for a joyous and peaceful living in the real natural way where farming is a way of life and living is a natural togetherness for all creation of the Mother Nature.


Dear Anant,

that’s the excellent idea,Let us explore sustainability through Permaculture,Natural building,Natural learning,heral health,cotton weaving,eco-resorts,village tourism,
pl note my number 8588025342, my mail id is, we can make a either yahoo group or some group on facebook to discuss related things further!!
Where is your land situated at?



Dear Rajeev

My land is at Village GHUUI, Taluka NER District YAVATMAL in VIDARBHA REGION of MAHARASHTRA STATE. It is 16-18 kms North_West to Yavatmal on Yavatmal- Amravati State Highway.It is 4 - 6 kms from 12 and 16 kms on the same high way (2 approach roads). The internal road is KACHCHA at present which is difficult to access in monsoon. (accessible by mud-walk or a tractor  ride).
My skype id is orgagro. We can meet in Skype video-conference and talk and share our ideas  in detail.

With best regards