Creating a forest

We have 2.12 acres of land (Red Soil - very fertile) along with well in Salem & we would like to convert this piece of land into a forest i.e., completely with trees (fruits) & plants within few years of time. I have got a list of trees which we wanna see there in few yrs time…lukin for expert who can put in a layout & help me out in making this happen…Cheers…reach:

Hi Praveen,

If you are ready to pay for consultation, you can checkout Afforestt - Shubhendu Sharma - Miyawaki Technique in the net.

There are several fruit models that Mr. Subhash Palekar of Zero Budget Natural Farming fame talks about in his books.  You may visit some of the farmers that have done those models and decide.

One model to get an idea (not necessarily Areca Nut etc, replace with your preferred plants per other models in book) in Karnataka is of Bannur Krishnappa near Mysore.

Thank you Sir,

On seeing your Posting it seems that you are an Absentee Farmer. Forest Trees are different from Fruit gardens. Either you go for Various FRUIT Tree Plantation or you go far Forest Tree Plantation fetches GOOD Income with in  a Short Period of 6/7 Years .After making several Efforts we have Identified a GOLD HARVEST SOCIAL FORESTRY Plantation Melia Dubia(Malabar Neem). You go through the Details, If interested we will Provide you the seedlings of these Plants on no profit /no  loss basis from our Farm , you are being a NEW Entrant to the Farming.

We are attaching the Full details of the above Trees Plantation.

Vasudha Green farms,,

Thanks for all your replies…Creating a layout will share soon for all ur suggestions!

Hello Praveen,

It has been a while… you did not post… did you go a head with your plan of forest.

How does your forest look like. Please update some photos.


Dear All members,

  I’m planning to grow trees in the agriculture land need guidance in below,

  1. Less Water consuming saplings to convert them as trees
  2. Less Maintenance (only for watering we can rely on labor)
  3. Good returns in 3 to 4 years
  4. Soil - Black in 2.25 acres & Red 2.25 acres
  5. Where can I buy saplings in Tamil Nadu (My location - Salem) especially very good quality in cheaper price/ with govt. subsidy

Kindly help me, I’m very new to agriculture with great passion about this industry.