Course Material: Certificate in Organic Farming (IGNOU)

Although there are tons of websites if you want to understand a topic, still there’s nothing like textbook content. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) runs a 6-month long course called Certificate in Organic Farming. It costs Rs. 3,600 to take (starts in Jan and July) but you can download the entire course material for free from their website eGyanKosh.

If you want to follow through, I’m outlining the process below to make it easy.

Step-1 Register here and log in. Free registration, you don’t have to be a student.
Step 2 According to the Index below, create folders for each course and each block in a directory on your computer.
Step 3 Click link for each chapters, download and save PDF as per the designated folder.

[size=140]Course: BAP-001 Introduction to Organic Farming[/size]

Block 1: Organic Farming – An Overview

Unit 1: Principles of Organic Farming
Unit 2: Benefits and Scope of Organic Farming
Unit 3: Present Status and Development
Unit 4: Chemical Farming VS Organic Farming

Block 2: Organic Norms

Unit 1: National Norms
Unit 2: International Norms

[size=140]Course: BAPI-001 Organic Production System [/size]

Block 1: Farm Management

Unit 1: Farm Designing : Land Preparation, Buffer Zone
Unit 2: Seeds and Planting
Unit 3: Water Management
Unit 4: Contamination Control
Unit 5: Livestock Management In Organic Farming
Unit 6: Farm Implements

Block 2: Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management

Unit 1: Crop Rotation
Unit 2: Composting and Manuring
Unit 3: Bio-fertilizers

Block 3: Plant Protection

Unit 1: Cultural and Mechanical Practices
Unit 2: Botanical Pesticides
Unit 3: Bio-pesticides
Unit 4: Bio-control Agents


EXERCISE 1 Field Visit of an Organic Farm
EXERCISE 2 Seed and Seed Treatment
EXERCISE 3 Preparation of Farm Yard Manure (FYM) and Compost
EXERCISE 4 Application of Manures and Composts
EXERCISE 5 Preparation of Plant Protection Inputs
EXERCISE 6 Application of Plant Protection Inputs

[size=140]Course: BAPI-002 Inspection and Certification of Organic Produce[/size]

Block 1: Documentation and Documentation Control

Unit 1: Development of Internal Control System (ICS)
Unit 2: Quality Management
Unit 3: Third Party Management
Unit 4: Document Formats

Block 2: Farm Inspection and Certification Procedure

Unit 1: Procedures of Inspection – Critical Control Points
Unit 2: Chain of Custody
Unit 3: Certification Trademark
Unit 4: Check List


EXERCISE 1: Visit and Study of Grower Group
EXERCISE 2: ICS Training
EXERCISE 3: Visit to Certified Organic Farm

[size=140]Course: BAPI-003 Economics and Marketing of Organic Products[/size]

Block 1: Economic of Production

Unit 1: Cost of Production System-including Benefit/Cost Ratio
Unit 2: Government Schemes and Other Financial Resources

Block 2: Markets and Marketing

Unit 1: Basics of Marketing
Unit 2: Marketing Channels and Agencies* [missing at source]
Unit 3: Basic Marketing Function
Unit 4: Marketing Informatics


EXERCISE 1: Visit to Certified Organic Outlets
EXERCISE 2: Project Formulation

  • The chapter “Marketing Channels and Agencies” is missing at the website. In its place another unit is linked.

If there is any error above: 1) let me know and I’ll try and correct it with the help of Chandra. 2) You can visit the eGyanKosh webpage for Certificate in Organic Farming (COF) and try to locate the file.

Also see other courses at School of Agriculture - IGNOU website (for info) or eGyanKosh (for course material)

I hope you find this useful. Please let others know and utilise this wonderful resource.

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While registering make sure to change the option in the first screen from “Student” to “General”.
It won’t register if you use student.

Thanks a ton, I downloaded all :slight_smile:

Thanks =

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What will be the edibility for this course

What will be the edibility for this course [/quote]

It is highly edible. You can have it boiled, steamed, fried - tastes great each time. Just remember to remove the seeds.

Jokes aside, there’s no eligibility requirement. If you can read and understand English language, you can use the material.

Just learned that the IGNOU course material website (egyankosh) is down for the last few weeks. I’ve uploaded entire course material on a server. You can download all files directly in zipped format [48 MB].

Files are organised as per the module hierarchy and includes an index for easy reference.

Thank you very much for the material, I have downloaded the entire file and it is a great help for getting started or needing knowledge about Organic Farming.


Thank you so much for this, it has been a great help. Much appreciate it.

I could not download the information. If somebody still has can you reload it please.

you can download the content from this link … erial.html