Cost of green house for 10 Guntas

Dear Friends,

I am interested to install green house in my farm for 10 guntas to cultivate Zerbera & carnation.

I have few queries,

1.What will be the green house total cost for 10 guntas,what will be the subsidy applicable in Karnataka.

2.If subsidy applicable what will be the minimum area green house we need to install.

3.Is there any better option other than Zerbera & Carnation.

Thank you.

Yes you can go with 10 guntas fro getting subsidy.
Crop can be decided upon market demand in and around Belagavi.
If you want low cost green house, than call me.

dear prasanna. Government is giving subsidy for setting up Greenhouses. Totally you will get around 75% subsidy.50% by central government and 25% by state government(in kerala).You may approach National horticulture board.

cost of greenhouses varies from companies to companies and quality-You may approach one company to get exact rate…

capsicum will be a good choice in greenhouse farming … ology.html

can you pl help me building a green house

yes we can help you. we are mahindra and mahindra group company entered in to green house please call for more details


We provide full turn key projects. You can look us up at or contact me at 9820438177

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