Corn Grinding Mill Should Process Dry Grain Kernel

The CORN GRINDING MILL processing corn should be dry enough so that the kernel can be grinded efficiently. It needs well maintenance in the season in which the temperature difference is large. If the corn grinding mill is placed in the outside, in winter, before formal operating, the corn grinding mill needs to idle for a few minutes to improve the machine performance, also improve the service life. The corn grinding mill must be in good lubrication conditions to run, otherwise the bearing will be consumed, and life shortened. For the purpose of ensuring the normal operation of corn grinding mill, we must pay attention to regular refueling.

The corn grinding mill we generally use, inside which there will be some food impurities left after using. So the corn grinding mill needs to be cleaned and maintained. In general maintenance, we have to pay attention to the turntable cleaning and clean the feeding pass and inlet and other parts. These places are more likely to stuck grains. Corn grinding mill routine maintenance we have to do 1. Regular inspection of various parts of the screw, no loose phenomenon. 2. Electrical parts should be paid attention to isolated from water, moisture, corrosion and rats. Ensure that the electrical cabinet and wiring terminal being clean, to prevent electrical failure. 3. When shutting down, make the two heat sealing device in the open position to prevent scalding packaging materials.

The material scattered around corn grinding mill should be promptly cleaned to keep the parts clean, in order to help extend the service life. Often clean the photoelectric switch light head, in order to ensure its reliable work. Also pay attention to clean the dust inside the electrical cabinet, to prevent short circuit or poor electrical failure.

Check the bearing, replace the high-speed butter to ensure the normal operation of the corn grinding mill; always check and replace the wearing parts, if you find corn grinding mill spindle speed gradually diminished; adjust motor down to make the machine to achieve the required speed. Strictly prohibit the metal materials into the machine.