Converting sugarcane chemical farm to zbnf

Hello Friends,

We are growing sugarcane from 2 years  (mono crop) based on chemical based methods in 3.5 acres .productivity is around 25-26 ton/acre.
Land is little bit salty.
Now we want to convert to zbnf oragnic way from next seaseon (Dec-Jan). Can you please give your suggestions like what would be the best main crop for the next season and what are the steps need to be taken while initial periods.

What is the spacing of sugarcane
See below video for some info on sugarcane in ZBNF

Hi sri,

Thank you very much for your reply. In addition to that what I would like to know is:

1.During the initial year we will not have any mulch from your own field to cover the land and Your soil will also be not in good condition.So,should we put the mulch material bringing from out side or can we use the  last years sugarcane leaves (grown by chemical farming)

  1. should we use any other external inputs other than ghana jeevamritham and jeevamritham.

  2. what is the next (rotation)crop can we grow up after sugarcane?

Reply is highly appreciated as since it is very important to me.

Increase the spacing between rows atleast 8 ft. in between you can grow dicots.  Make raised beds soil salinity will gradually comes down. You dont have to bring mulch from out side because mulching is not one time affair. if you bring from outside it may last only 3-4 months after 4 months if show somebody that there is mulching they may laugh i.e. after 4 month it literally vanishes.

So growing dicot cover crops is economical

If you want to have crop rotation leave sugar cane for ratoon crop and between rows dicot and vegetables will be a grand success. Many farmers are seeing good results.

Another point is irrigate field judiciously if you over irrigate salinity increases.