Contract farming of Jamarosa RRL CN-5 grass

Dear Farmers,
We are into the farming of RRL CN-5 Jamrosa type( aromatic grass cultivation) in Gujarat.
The crop is very safe from many factors.

  1. No grazing animals like Neal gay, goat, sheep, pig etc eat it so no need to protect it day and night.
  2. Crop can toleraate Saline soil upto 8.5 pH and water upto 2500 TDS.
  3. It can continue for 5 years once planted.
  4. One can Harvest 3-4 cuttings per year.
  5. It can successfully sustain in good as well as in poor soils.
  6. Nearly free from all diseases.
  7. Depending on the cultivation one can get an earning of Rs. 1,00,000/ to 120,000/- per acre per year. In Improved variety CN-5. And profit from Rs. 40,000-50,000/- per year.
  8. Drought tolerant crop. Can also be done as rain fed cultivation.
  9. No one can cut and take away the grass as cow and Buffalo do not eat it.
  10. Away from problem of handing Bulk produce from Farm to market.
  11. Need less labour compared to rest crops.
  12. No tension of local theft of crop as oil has no straight application in daily life.
  13. With proper irrigation practices it can be also grown and recommended for undulant and barren lands.
  14. Oil is rich in Geraniol and Gernyl acetate and other minor compounds. It can be stored for long time if kept properly.
  15. Indian Tropical and Sub tropical climate is very Suitable for this grasses. Cultivation is spread from Jammu to Kanyakumari and from Assam to Gujarat.
  16. Slips/rooted plants can be easily transferred from any place, less mortality compared to rest crops.
  17. weeds can be easily be removed by Diuron 1.5kg per/ha and Oxyfluorfen at 0.5 kg per/ha.
  18. Oil extracted is used in flavour, fragrance, cosmetic, agarbati, pharma and bakery products.
  19. vast potential of market.
    Oil sample available on paid basis.
    One can send me the email on for the crop economics if interested.
    may also contact on 09998732033, 09426065076.
    Chirag Gajjar
    (1st cultivator of Jamrosa crop in entire Gujarat)
    "Himrosa" very rich in Geraniol
    "Tawirosa" very rich in Geraniol.