Composting Technologies and In Vessel Composting in Dairy Farms

            There are several manure handling and composting equipment. Composting nowadays become very popular especially in the USA and the EU. In Germany many dairy farms have their own biogas systems.

            Slurry can be fed into the Separator either by a pump or gravimetrically through a hopper at the inlet. The auger inside the separator moves the slurry forward from the inlet section towards the solids discharge outlet. During this travel of the slurry, the cylindrical screen around the auger continously dewaters the liquid fraction of the slurry and channels it out through the liquid discharge outlet. Meanwhile the dewatered solids form into a firm plug as they get closer to the discharge area. At the solids discharge outlet, there are two hinged doors that apply constant pressure to the solid plug by means of counterweights attached to the arms that regulate the angle of these doors. As the auger furthers the solid plug forward, the plug overcomes the backpressure applied by the discharge doors and exits the machine from the discharge outlet.

          The manure which is homogenized and collected in the raw manure pit is pumped to the separator. Compost drum system is semi-closed system aerobic composting technology known as “in-vessel composting” in world compost literature. Basically, the system provides ideal conditions for fastening the facilities of the bacteria in the organic waste. Depending on the process duration in the drum the end product can be used in two different ways. They are bedding for the cattle or as compost fertilizer. In different climate conditions the output structure and results may vary. The results can also cahne according to the feeding style of the dairy farm.

          The material that is separated and spilled in the drum is agitated consistently and at the same time the oxygen which is necessary for the aerobic fermentation provided with PLC controlled fan for ventilation. The temparatıre inside the drum reaches 60+OC .