Complete Set Rice Milling Equipment

Model: NZJ15-15GⅢ
Capacity: 800-1100Kg/h
Power source: 16.5-22 KW/18.5-25.5KW
Dimensions 280013003000mm
Guarantee: 2 years
Delivery time: 10-15 days

Complete Set Rice Milling Equipment Introduction
Our NZJ15/15Ⅲ complete set rice milling equipment is a new developed rice processing equipment on the basis the technology of NZJ15/15G rice milling machine, it has the functions of elevating rice automatically, screening and removing the impurities such as stone and dust, husking, separating clean rice from mixer of rough grain, blight grain and brown rice, polishing rice, grinding the husks, and so on. It is an ideal cereal processing machine for both of medium and small factories.

Complete Set Rice Milling Equipment Main Parts and Working Procedure

  1. Complete set rice milling equipment main parts:
    Elevator (2sets), paddy separator, emery roll milling machine, rice huller, destoner, control panel, husk grinder.
  2. Complete set rice milling equipment working process:
    Unhulled rice-elevating–destoner (removing stone and impurities)–elevating–rice huller and paddy separator (separating the rough husk and unpolished rice)–rice milling machine and husk grinder (processing into polished rice and grinding the rough husk)–polished rice and rice bran powder

Complete Set Rice Milling Equipment Features

  1. All the components are assembled and combined together very compactly, this is not only save the space, let the machine run more smoothly, but also easy to operate and maintain.
  2. The destoner cleans the grain by means of inhaling air instead of jetting air, making the effect of removing stone more reliable and stable, at the same time, it reduces the dust pollution and improves the operating environment
  3. The new grinding system are more reasonable, both of rough husk and fine chaff can together go into grinding room and then become more fine flour, making by-production can be fully used and increasing the economic benefit of the user
  4. Both of the rice milling component and grinding component are just started by the same motor, it can cut down the power consumption and save motor fee.
  5. The construction of rice milling room is ameliorated again, making the chaff flows out more earlier, the temperature of the finished rice is lower which is very favorable for improving the quality of the finished rice and reducing the chaff powder content of the finished rice.

Why Choose Amisy Complete Set Rice Milling Equipment?
As a big food machine supplier in China, Amisy can provide you high quality complete set rice milling equipment, the new designed rice milling equipment has a lot of advantages which are easy to operate, reliable, low pollution, high use of the by-production, low energy consumption and with higher rice quality. Choose Amisy complete set rice milling equipment can not only save your investment, but also can bring you more profit.

Complete Set Rice Milling Equipment Technology Parameters
Model Power Output Gross weight Dimension
long-shape grain 16.5-22 KW

round-shape grain 18.5-25.5KW

800-1100Kg/h 2435kg 280013003000mm

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