Community approach for farming

Brothers, we a group of friends are about to buy a piece of land in Tenkasi taluk of Tamilnad, to establish a community farm. A living place in the midst of greenery, and farming in tune with nature is the objective of this effort. We welcome persons who have similar interest, to buy land along with us.

Joining in the group activity is not mandatory for purchasing land. Every participant will get their land registered in their name and will have a path access to it.  Those who wish to take care of their land on their own can do so. Those who are not in the position can make use of the group effort. As of now the minimum program is to bring up groves in every participants land, creating bio fencing for it and bringing up native cows.

Our activity is not motivated by profit but by the necessity of sustainable practices in farming. Agriculture as a field having many challenges, we have no assurance about the monetary profit you could get out of your investment. For those who don’t have much idea about organic farming what we can say is, an integrated farming based on sustainable principles is profitable in the monetary sense too in the long run.

Purchasing land is not the only way to join us. If you have passion for agriculture, have care and respect for nature, you can work with us. Please contact 0 979 179 52 37 – Venkatesan.

Dear Venkatesan

I will be interested to join. Please send me details of the land,cost of land etc to the following email id

Thanks and Regards
Arun Kumar Menon

Dear Mr.Venkatesan,

The project sounds very interesting for the beginner like me. Kindly share the details to email id. asap.


Hi Venkatesan,
its good to see the mail from u…
please send the details i’ll call u…my no 9962777616
Pls call me after 24 August now i am not avialable in india…
i am from chennai. i will meet u soon

Check this out, similar lines and successful … 140814.htm

Dear Venkatesan,

It is encouraging to see young people join to develop farming.  Best wishes.

how did your project progress?
I am checking prospects of same in Karnataka. … 9791e2_143

Please share your experiences.

Hi,  I recently joined farmnest and saw your post just now.  I am interested in joining. So pls send details of the project, what is the present position, how much land did u acquire etc, to my mail id:  All d best.  BVR Kumar. (07036057111)