Coffee Plantation

Hi All,

Just came across concept of using Jeevamrutha in farming and its benefits. Has anyone implemented it in coffee farm. Can it replaces regular copper sulphate and contauf spray that we apply for coffee plants. If yes then can you please provide instructions on how to use it as an alternative for chemical sprays.


Dear Sri Banu ,

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That Contaf plus is a produce of Tata rally’s, an Inorganic Fungicide, a formulation of Hexaconazole, and a systemic fungicide of Triozole.totally Inorganic.

Copper oxi Chloride, also an inorganic fungicide. Totally inorganic.

Jeevamrutha, an invention of ZBNF Natural farming expert, a pure organic, which helps developing useful microbes in the soil, to help any plant and also can give organic NPK content to the plants. It develops natural immunity in the plants system for fighting diseases and insects. Totally organic.

Jeevamrutha can be regularly used in any system, either organic/natural farming or Inorganic. It gives very good results, by giving good resistance power to the plant system. It acts very well in natural/organic farming comparatively.

We can use Jeevamrutha for coffee plants in any system. It gives good resistance power to the plants system. It gives lot to the plants in organic/natural farming system.

Both are quite different and the subject is different.

With best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer

Copper oxi chloride, COC, mostly , old and used brand name is BLITOX, an inorganic fungicide.