Coconut, Teak and Melia Dubia trees in the border

Hi All,

I’m having 7 acres of land in Tamilnadu Erode dt, which is having around 3500 ft in the border. I’m planning to have Coconut, Teak and Melia Dubia trees in the border.

Planning in the below distance:

Coconut<----12.5ft---->Teak<-----10ft------>Melia Dubia<-----12.5ft----->Coconut.
<----------------------------------------------35 ft---------------------------------------------->

Distance between 2 Coconut trees are 35 ft and
Distance between 1st Coconut tree and Teak plant are 12.5 ft
Distance between Teak and Melia Dubia are 10 ft
Distance between Melia Dubia and 2nd Coconut tree are 12.5 ft

I’m estimating to have 100 Coconut trees, 100 Teak (for Long term of 15+ years) and 100 Melia Dubia (for short term of 7+ years) aprox.

Please let me know your suggestions.

Hi All,

Any suggestions please?

Heard that having teak in b/w coconut will reduce the yield of coconut. Please check

Thank you Magesh! I will check on that.

you might also want to consider if you want to irrigate along the borders for the coconut trees.

Planting coconuts as a circle gives you more yield over lifetime and also a huge space saving against traditional row planting. The circle planting also allows the leaves to drop in a uniform manner whereby the circle self mulches. Inside the circle you can cultivate some other crops.