Coconut farming questions

I am from Gobichettipalayam,Erode district, Tamilnadu. I have Coconut farm which came from my anchestor. I am new to Farming.

Coconut farm has drip irrigation. Please help me for the following stuffs

  1. How to improve the yield of coconut tree. What are the steps needs to improve the yield
  2. How to do weed control. Please let me know any cost effective simple weed machine which can be used in Sugarcane or turmeric farm
  3. Currently coconut farm is not natural farming. Whether Panchakavya(natural farming) will help to improve the yield of coconut tree
  4. what are the steps need to maintain cocnut farm like water management, weed control etc. If possible, please provide the step-by-step day-to-day process of coconut farming
  5. Is there any camera setup which can be used to monitor the coconut farm
  6. Is there any water valve which opens based on time.
  7. In drip irrigation, there are water flowing issues in tubes. Is there any better drip irrigation management.

please contact me at  will give you tips for 10 plants which you have to follow,if you are serious.You have to wait for 45-60  days to get your plants start bearing and will  continue.

See this. … 482306.ece

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Mr Rajendiran
Go to TNAU coimbatore site you get all information about coconut cultivation.
R Vasudevan