Clocimum seeds ( clove scented Ocimum) available on sales

Clocimum seeds( Clove scented Ocimum) available on sales.

Freshly Harvested seeds ( 2018 April) of Clove senceted Ocimum.
Botanical name- Ocimum Gratisimum ( RRL (J) OG-14).
Essential oil contents Eugenol 70-75% as a majore chemical constituents.
Seeds readily available in 500 gm packing.
Cost of seeds Rs. 4000/ kg.( Including Courier charges in India)
In Gujarat region the herbage yeild 20-25 tons per acre/ year based on four harvest.
Oil percentage from 0.4-0.5 on fresh wet basis.
Need 1 kg seeds to raise nursery to cover 1 hector of land.
For further details one can contact the following mobile numbers.
Bhupendra Parmar- 9898513374, Chirag Gajjar- 9998732033, 9426065076.

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